What is Pledge 2 Recycle?

Pledge 2 Recycle is the national plastics recycling initiative which aims to boost plastic recycling in the UK and achieve real behaviour change through consistent and simple messages. The initiative is in response to ongoing challenging recycling targets set by the UK Government and the EU. Local authorities also have targets to recycle more packaging and reduce the amount of material sent to landfill. Landfill costs have rapidly increased, and by recycling plastics more money can be spent by local authorities on other essential services.

What's Our Mission?

  • Promoting consistency, remove confusion and increase plastics collected for recycling through education, communication and consistent messages

What's Our Vision?

  • Our vision is that all recyclable plastics are collected for recycling

Plastic is a truly sustainable and circular resource, but positive consumer behaviour change is central to tackling ongoing ambitious targets and circular economy aspirations.