Welsh Air Show, Swansea

Flying the Recycling Flag

At the Welsh Air Show on 30th June and 1st July, RECOUP, with the help of volunteers, will be collecting post-consumer polystyrene cups, polystyrene trays and plastic drinks bottles for recycling. 

There will be several marked recycling points.   RECOUP is working with the local council to have the food waste composted.   The recovered plastic bottles will be recycled into new bottles and the recovered polystyrene into thermal flooring blocks.  250,000 visitors are expected to the event so this is a great opportunity to showcase that on-the-go plastic packaging could be collected, recycled and given another life. 

As a volunteer you may be expected to assist with litter picking, collecting specific items for collection from the natural environment or assisting with servicing the bins.  

If interested, please click here to register. 















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